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Atomico Invests in Corti’s Series B Funding for GenAI Healthcare Assistant

Corti’s Groundbreaking AI Investment: Revolutionizing Healthcare Decision-Making

In a significant development for Danish AI innovation, Corti, a pioneering startup, has secured one of the most substantial funding rounds in Denmark this year. The company has raised a remarkable $60 million in Series B funding. This investment aims to bolster the development of Corti’s cutting-edge generative AI tool, designed to provide invaluable assistance to medical professionals globally.

Funding and Key Investors

Led by prominent venture capital firms Atomico and Prosus Ventures, this funding round also saw the continued support of existing investors, including French VC Eurazeo, Danish export fund EIFO, and Danish VC Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker. This financial infusion is set to propel Corti’s ambitious plans for expansion, with a primary focus on strengthening its presence in the United States.

GenAI in Healthcare

With healthcare professionals increasingly burdened by time constraints and administrative duties, there’s a growing demand for technological solutions to augment decision-making processes. Corti has positioned itself at the forefront of this movement with its innovative GenAI technology. This advanced system leverages machine learning to analyze vast datasets, assisting in diagnosing medical conditions efficiently.

According to Corti, their GenAI technology is currently utilized in approximately 100 million patient encounters annually, with a staggering 150,000 interactions occurring daily. By integrating seamlessly into healthcare workflows, Corti’s AI acts as a virtual “co-pilot,” providing real-time insights and recommendations during patient interactions.

The Technological Framework

Contrary to traditional hardware-based solutions, Corti’s AI operates entirely in the cloud, facilitating flexibility and scalability. Through continuous analysis of conversations and medical data, the system offers personalized recommendations and automates administrative tasks, enhancing overall efficiency.

Lars Maaløe, Corti’s co-founder and machine learning expert, emphasizes the multifaceted nature of their technological stack. Beyond the large language model (LLM), Corti’s framework encompasses various layers, including natural language processing and clinical predictors, ensuring comprehensive support for healthcare professionals.

Addressing Concerns

Despite its transformative potential, the integration of AI in healthcare raises legitimate concerns, notably regarding hallucinations or erroneous outputs. Corti acknowledges these challenges and has implemented stringent measures to mitigate risks. By aligning AI-generated predictions with established protocols and guidelines, Corti ensures the accuracy and reliability of its recommendations.

Maaløe underscores the importance of maintaining control over the AI’s decision-making process, emphasizing Corti’s commitment to integrating feedback from healthcare providers and adhering to industry standards.

Harnessing Collective Intelligence

One of Corti’s most significant advantages lies in its ability to leverage collective intelligence across diverse healthcare settings. By analyzing anonymized patient data from various regions, Corti identifies trends and best practices, facilitating knowledge-sharing among healthcare professionals globally.

Through this collaborative approach, Corti aims to standardize treatment protocols and improve outcomes consistently across different geographies. By streamlining administrative tasks and enhancing diagnostic accuracy, Corti’s technology has demonstrated the potential to increase healthcare workers’ efficiency by up to 40%.


Corti’s recent funding milestone signifies a pivotal moment in the intersection of AI and healthcare. As the company continues to expand its global footprint, its innovative GenAI platform holds immense promise for revolutionizing medical decision-making and improving patient outcomes worldwide.


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