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Brita Acquires Innovative Smart Water Bottle Startup

Brita Acquires Innovative Smart Water Bottle Startup, Larq

In a recent announcement, filtration giant Brita has acquired Bay Area-based smart water bottle-maker Larq, marking a significant move in the beverage industry landscape. This acquisition comes as Brita seeks to reenter the North American market under an existing brand name and expand its digital presence.

A Strategic Move for Brita GmbH

Brita GmbH, the German company founded in 1966, has maintained its brand internationally but faced restrictions in selling products under its own name in the Americas after selling its North/South American arm to Clorox in 1988. The acquisition of Larq presents a strategic opportunity for Brita to reestablish its presence in the North American market through Larq’s innovative product line.

Larq: Pioneer in Smart Water Technology

Larq, established in late-2017, gained prominence for its smart water bottles featuring UV light technology that effectively reduces bacteria accumulation. The company expanded its offerings to include a water pitcher combining UV light with standard water filtration, aligning well with Brita’s expertise.

Expanding Digital Reach

Justin Wang, Larq’s founder and CEO, highlights the synergy between Larq’s digital-first approach and Brita’s traditional offline retail model. With Larq predominantly operating online, the acquisition enables Brita to enhance its digital footprint and adapt to evolving consumer preferences.

Bridging Innovation and Tradition

While Larq maintains a modest retail presence in brick-and-mortar stores, Brita’s extensive international reach and retail expertise provide opportunities for expansion. Wang emphasizes both companies’ commitment to innovation, contrasting Brita’s focus on traditional filter technology with Larq’s emphasis on digital transformation and premiumization.

Future Prospects

Despite the dominance of Brita U.S. (Clorox) in the market, Larq and its new parent are poised to drive innovation forward. The acquisition allows Larq to maintain its product portfolio while exploring synergies with Brita’s technology. This includes enhancing app connectivity and hydration tracking features to meet evolving consumer demands.


The acquisition of Larq by Brita marks a strategic move to combine innovative smart water technology with Brita’s established brand presence and retail expertise. As both companies embark on this new chapter, they aim to leverage their respective strengths to drive growth and meet the evolving needs of consumers in the digital age.


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