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Celebrating the Diverse Delicacies of Indian Regional Cuisine

Putting Indian Cuisine on the Global Map
Chef Sanjyot Keer, the culinary maestro behind ‘Your Food Lab’, has always been on a mission. “I just hope I keep cooking good food and keep spreading smiles with my art of cooking, fuelling my mission to put the Indian food scene and regional Indian cuisine on the world map,” he shares with enthusiasm.

MasterChef Australia Meets ‘Your Food Lab’
Recently, Chef Sanjyot embarked on a new journey, introducing a podcast with none other than the celebrated judges of MasterChef Australia, Gary Mehigan and Matt Preston, as his inaugural guests. Reminiscing about this incredible experience, Sanjyot fondly recalls his admiration for the show and its judges: “Their faces brought that familiarity and connection with the show, and it did well in India. Watching them across all seasons and finally getting to meet them was a fantastic chance to learn and gain insights.”

Podcasting: A New Culinary Adventure
When asked about venturing into podcasting, Sanjyot reflects, “There have been a few opportunities in the past that I wasn’t initially excited about jumping into the podcast scene.” However, the allure of engaging conversations and insightful discussions with culinary legends changed his perspective. He believes in the potential of podcasts as a platform to delve deep into food-centric dialogues, a space he feels still has untapped potential.

A pivotal moment in his podcasting journey came from Matt Preston’s wisdom: “Keep your eyes and ears open and listen more and talk less.” This advice resonated deeply with Sanjyot, emphasizing the importance of authenticity while remaining open to innovation in the culinary world.

Journeying through Passion and Purpose
Reflecting on his culinary journey, Sanjyot beams with pride and gratitude: “My journey has been great… I just hope I keep cooking good food and continue spreading smiles with my art of cooking, fuelling my mission to put the Indian food scene and regional Indian cuisine on the world map.”

The Endless Exploration of Food
Sanjyot firmly believes in the infinite possibilities of food exploration: “I think that exploration is never going to end because there will always be something new to offer to the audience.” His dedication extends to highlighting the rich and diverse tapestry of Indian cuisine beyond popular dishes like butter chicken and dal makhani.

Inspiration in Every Dish
For Chef Sanjyot Keer, inspiration is a daily affair: “The inspiration comes from the fact that I get to cook every single day.” His unwavering passion and commitment to his craft continue to inspire many, as he tirelessly strives to elevate Indian cuisine on the global stage.

by Paul Britton

Full-time CBG author covering everything from business to wellbeing news, in Cyprus. and abroad.


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