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Fintech Licensing

In the highly regulated landscape of the European Union, payment institutions, virtual currency exchanges, investment funds, forex brokers, banks, credit institutions, and insurance companies face stringent requirements. Acquiring a financial company license within the European Union is not just a compliance necessity; it’s a strategic advantage that grants access to the entire European market.

Cyprus Business Group serves as the gateway for financial entities looking to establish a foothold in the European market. Our team of lawyers and consultants collaborates directly with regulators across various EU member states, including Central Banks and Financial Supervisory Authorities. This direct engagement allows us to provide tailored support in obtaining licenses, minimizing both founding and operating costs.

Key Services Offered by Cyprus Business Group:

  1. Licensing Solutions Across EU Jurisdictions:
    • We offer comprehensive licensing solutions in various European Union jurisdictions, including Estonia, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Malta, Cyprus, Lithuania, Czech Republic, and more. After completing the company registration process and securing the necessary licenses, Cyprus Business Group provides ongoing support, including license renewals, compliance services, risk assessment, legal counsel, and educational workshops.
  2. Virtual Currency and Blockchain Advisory:
    • Licensed virtual currency exchange formation in Estonia, Germany, Gibraltar, Malta, Ireland, and other virtual currency-friendly jurisdictions.
    • Guidance on setting up Virtual Currency Funds (Alternative Investment Funds), including the formation of fund managing companies and AIF setup.
    • End-to-end advisory for Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) or token issuance, covering project research, token solution consulting, jurisdiction recommendations, roadmap development, and legal document preparation.
  3. E-Money or Payment Institutions Advisory:
    • Assistance in acquiring licenses for SPI (Small-Scale Payment Institution), PSP (Payment Service Provider), or EMI (Electronic Money Institution) in the European Union.
    • Specialized Electronic Money Institution licenses for FinTech companies, financial service providers, and startups, enabling services like money remittance, payment orders, account information, and electronic money emission.
  4. Small Alternative Investment Fund Advisory:
    • Guidance and assistance in acquiring licenses for Small Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) in the European Union.
    • AIFs can manage portfolios of virtual currency, real estate, bonds, stocks, derivatives, and other alternative investments, with the ability to attract deposits from retail and professional investors.
  5. Small Scale Financial Institution Advisory:
    • Assistance in acquiring licenses for small-scale financial institutions, covering activities such as investment consulting, financial deal mediation, issuance of B2B loans, and wholesale of precious metals and foreign currency exchange.

Navigate the European financial landscape confidently with Cyprus Business Group, your dedicated B2B concierge for seamless market entry and compliance.