Clémentine Ynna + Krasimir Tsvetanov


Founder of NGO : Awareness supporting Orphans in Bali, Country director for Insight Seminars Cyprus, Elite Mentorship Trainer, Chief Executive Officer at Awaken Potential, Speaker, Coach, and more…

Quick Overview

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Pafos & Limassol, Cyprus


Clémentine Ynna & Krasimir Tsvetanov

CEO, Awaken Potential

  • Led the strategic vision and growth of Awaken Potential, a dynamic organization dedicated to personal and professional development.
  • Spearheaded innovative programs and services to empower individuals and teams to reach their full potential.
  • Established partnerships with key stakeholders to drive the organization’s mission and increase its impact.

Founder, Awareness (Nonprofit Organization)

  • Founded Awareness, a nonprofit organization committed to raising awareness and driving positive change in critical social and environmental issues.
  • Successfully launched and managed various initiatives, campaigns, and events to support the organization’s mission.
  • Built a passionate and engaged community of supporters and volunteers.

Country Director, Insight Seminar

  • As the Country Director, led the local operations of Insight Seminar, a renowned personal development and leadership training organization.
  • Developed and executed strategies to expand the organization’s reach and impact in the country.
  • Worked closely with international partners to ensure alignment with global objectives.

Elite Mentorship Trainer

  • Utilized extensive experience and expertise to provide mentorship and guidance to individuals seeking personal and professional growth.
  • Conducted workshops, seminars, and one-on-one coaching sessions to help clients achieve their goals.
  • Empowered clients to unlock their full potential and overcome challenges.

Founded and currently owns a successful business with operations in three countries.

Developed and executed business strategies, ensuring growth and profitability.

Managed all aspects of the business, including finance, operations, and human resources.