Katerina Sazou

Entrepreneur and Educator

Katerina Sazou is an educator and entrepreneur, co-founding and managing Rise Preschools in Cyprus. Her leadership drives innovative educational settings and solutions through her organization’s dedicated commitment to excellence in the early years.

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Limassol, Cyprus


Katerina Sazou

Katerina Sazou is an educator and entrepreneur with an unwavering commitment to revolutionizing early education, leading to her co-founding Rise Preschools in Cyprus, along with her husband, Tony Sazos, an educator and entrepreneur alike.

In 2016, Rise Preschools emerged, initially accommodating just six children. Under Katerina and Tony’s passionate leadership, the organization has expanded, now nurturing 120 children across two schools with immediate plans to reach more children. This growth is supported by a dedicated team of 20 innovative educators and professionals. With these achievements as a cornerstone, plans for further expansion are underway, a testament to Katerina and Tony’s strategic vision and dedication.

A transformative addition to Rise Preschools is ‘Rise on Site,’ an innovative branch to the organization designed to cater to the educational needs of employees within Cyprus-based companies. This unique initiative underscores Katerina and Tony’s commitment to fostering accessible, quality early childhood education that transcends traditional boundaries.

Central to Katerina’s ethos is the unyielding belief that the early years matter profoundly in a child’s development. Her mission is to challenge and reshape societal perceptions of these crucial formative years, advocating for the recognition of their pivotal role in shaping a child’s future success and well-being.


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