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Michael Bittner


Soul-Mentor and Branding Expert, Founder of “The Rising Men Network”, Leadership and Transformation Mentor for Men and Fathers, Expert in Transnational Communication & Visual Anthropology, Visionary, Athlete, Musician.

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Michael Bittner

Michael stands as a beacon of transformative mentorship, guiding individuals—primarily men—through profound personal evolution and towards the realization of their intrinsic potential. As the driving force behind The Rising Men Network, his mission extends beyond mere personal development; it is a clarion call to redefine fatherhood and masculinity for a new generation. Michael’s vision is one of upliftment, not solely within the confines of one’s family but expansively across humanity.

Embarking on this mission with a history etched by overcoming extreme personal challenges, including the shadows of abuse and the brink of suicide, Michael is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. His life is a living proof that the depth of despair can be the catalyst for the most extraordinary transformations. He is dedicated to demonstrating to fathers, and all leaders, that there is a richer path available—a path characterized by compassion, connection, and the rejection of outdated and destructive narratives of manhood.

In Michael’s world, the ‘fathers of a new generation’ are pillars of strength and support, not only for their children but for their peers as well—brothers in the truest sense. This is about holding hands in solidarity, providing guidance, and fostering a community where every individual is honored and embraced. It is about constructing a future where peace and harmony are not merely ideals, but foundations of our daily existence.

Though Michael’s work focuses on men’s development, his expertise in healing the ‘father wound’ transcends gender, offering solace and understanding to those grappling with the legacies of their fathers or father figures. His approach is inclusive, acknowledging the interconnectedness of our experiences and the shared journey towards healing and wholeness.

The Rising Men Network initiative is more than a platform; it is a movement. It is Michael’s personal vow to illuminate a path away from the precipice where he once stood, towards a world abundant with hope and opportunity. Here, men are invited to redefine strength, not by the might of their grip, but by the openness of their hearts. Through Michael’s guidance, they discover that true power lies in vulnerability, authenticity, and the courage to rewrite the story of masculinity.

Michael stands for the collective marathon of growth, where every stride is a step away from the shadows of the past and towards a luminous horizon of collective enlightenment and personal fulfillment.


Business & Entrepreneur Mastership Diploma; Completed in 2023
Place of Bliss Academy

Advanced Master Practitioner of Integrative Healing; Completed in 2023
Place of Bliss Academy

University of Graz

Master of Arts in Cultural & Visual Anthropology; Completed in 2019
University of Graz

Mental Coach Diploma; Completed in 2019
Chamber of Commerce Lower Austria

Online Marketing & Sales; Completed in 2019

PR & Communication; Completed in 2018
University of Graz

Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology; Completed in 2015
University of Graz

Professional Photographer and Digital Editor Training; Completed in 2015
Design Photo Academy