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Pauline Sawaya, accredited People & Business Enabler, International speaker, mentor & business Coach, brings over two decades of strategic experience in local & multinational organizations, with 5000+ coaching hours. 

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Limassol, Cyprus


Pauline P Sawaya

• Awarded the most influential Woman in Business Coaching Lebanon 2020 – Lebanon by AI Global
• Global Business Insights Awards Winner as the Most Dynamic in Corporate Coach Training Solution 2020
• Awarded the 2017 Lebanese HR success story by the University of

Pauline Sawaya is the Founder of Swift Shift Coaching & Consultancy ltd, the transformational Coaching, Capacity building & Consultancy concept
Swift Shift Coaching & Consultancy LTD is the first ever accredited business globally by CPD in the region.

Pauline is a seasoned Executive with a wealth of experience spanning over two decades in both local and multinational organizations. She is widely recognized as an esteemed leader, consultant, and trainer who has helped executives, senior managers and employees achieve their career aspirations and personal growth through coaching, mentoring, and training. With her extensive knowledge of Human Resources, Leadership, Pauline has been instrumental in guiding organizations through structural changes, developing effective strategies, and fostering team building, leadership and culture change.

She is an Accredited Master Coach, leader, consultant, and HR and transformational trainer who is passionate about taking the coaching world to new heights and empowering individuals and corporations to achieve their goals and aspirations. Through her coaching, mentoring, and training programs, she has helped executives, senior managers, employees, and successful individuals to develop and grow professionally and personally. Pauline’s areas of expertise include coaching, human capital, strategies, structural change, team building, mentoring, and leadership. Pauline’s passion lies in elevating the self-development world and empowering both individuals and corporations to make a Swift Shift from their current position to where they want to be, and beyond.

Pauline holds a Bachelors & Master’s degree in Business Management from Notre Dame University as well as 2 Coach Certifications from Erickson Canada, is a Change Coach from CCI, Master NLP Practitioner by the American Board of NLP, Time Line Therapy & Hypnotherapist Practitioner, Accredited InternationalTrainer, Mentor Coach, Laughter Yoga Leader & Neuroencoding Specialist , Firewalker…

Pauline is the First Accredited Master Coach by the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring, UK in the region.

Pauline is amentor at the Blessings Foundation for Women empowerment, Mentor at the Challenge to Change, Mentor Coach & IAPC&M Master Coach, Member of the Women Leaders Council, Member of IWCLondon, Member of SEAL Cyprus, Vice President of Cyprus International Women of Today -CIWOT .. Founding Member of BPW English Speaking Club, Founding member & board Member of ICF Cyprus chapter ….

She is a senior expert at several top universities in the region.


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