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Ypsonas, Limassol, Cyprus


About Dalina S. Amara

This is the new official page for Cyprus Business Group, dedicated to showcasing articles, CBG exclusives, weekly winners, and other highlights from the group!

But, what is the Cyprus Business Group (CBG)? CBG is a community network of professionals and businesses, in Cyprus and other EU countries. It’s free to join, and we’re always trying out new ways of marketing / networking.

It takes our entire 3edrock team to manage the group, which we’ve done for over four years. We love it! In-fact, we’re so dedicated to group quality and security, that we vet every new member; banning potential threats, and even requesting a one-on-one video call with ‘active’ members before ads are approved.

Now, with +2.7K vetted members, we get the pleasure of partnering with media outlets, like Rock Fm 89.2 Limassol, and Lifestyle magazine cyprus, to introduce exciting new ways of marketing/ networking in group – through competitions which allow members to get thousands of views, win or lose. Of course, if they win, they win big!! Win / Win.


The Cyprus Business Group is a community of professionals, businesses, and business enthusiasts. An authentic, secure community that is always trying new ways of delivering valuable experiences for it’s members; competitions & giveaways, piggyback marketing, in-person networking events, and more.

Despite it’s name, Cyprus Business Group is not reserved for Cypriot (citizens of Cyprus). We have members joining from all over the world, using the Facebook group to network every week. Cyprus is just the beginning.


The Cyprus Business Group experience is shared across five connected platforms in an effort to maximize effectiveness…

The website (cyprusbusinessgroup.com) is used to provide easy, free access to valued information. The websites primary goal is to empower professionals and businesses around the world with support through funding, coaching, business tools (reviews /recommendations), and more.

The Facebook group is a public group that is managed with strict admin oversight; every profile that joins is checked thoroughly, and any active member is verified via video call. Certain industries are banned from using the group, ie. Crypto, Adult, Gambling, etc. And, there is a weekly schedule of tagged & un-tagged ‘events’ that prompt members to engage with one another, and participate in exciting competitions that offer marketing-related prizes! Win free social media advertising (paid for by Cyprus Business Group), free ad-space in printed magazines, free air-time on radio, and more! We’re always trying to think of new and exciting ways to grow your business!

The Facebook profile is used to promote our weekly winners from Friday competitions, and also official posts (a) to deliver news articles written for Cyprus Business Group website, and/or (b) to update our followers on LIVE competitions (every Friday and every Saturday).

The newest addition to the Cyprus Business Group experience, our Instagram profile is currently being developed to clarify our current Facebook group schedule. It will include weekly updates on our competition winners, most active members, and more.


BA in semiotics & media
Aberystwyth University, Wales


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