Why Become an Expert?

Cyprus Business Group (CBG) Expert Membership

Why be an Expert? The Cyprus Business Group (CBG) is made up of some outstanding members who deserve a means of standing out.


Stand out from the group

Official CBG posts will feature experts, highlighting the experts web page, and the ‘wall of fame’ status it will carry.


Confirmed as trusted

Expert members will be referred to as trusted professionals who should be the top choice for anyone looking for support in CBG.


SEO backlink value

This website is young, but over time, as signalled in our old website, traffic will pick up again, and that value will be shared with you.


Experts page will be advertised

The experts page will be marketed to the Facebook group on a semi-daily basis, and will be promoted in weekly paid-ad campaigns.


Professional profile image

Get a professional photoshoot for your profile picture on CBG, which can be reused in other marketing channels.


Professional intro video

Record a professionally shot ‘talk’ introducing yourself and/or your business, which can be reused in other marketing channels.


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Please contact us directly if you have any questions. Our new “offer” feature might be what you’re looking for!