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Former Amazon Exec. & Army Veteran Unveils Startup for New Mothers

From Military Service to Entrepreneurship
Stephiney Foley, the founder and CEO of Seattle-based startup Yuzi, has an impressive background. A West Point graduate and a former U.S. Army platoon leader, Foley’s journey led her to serve in places like Afghanistan, Hawaii, and California. Beyond her military service, she also held prominent roles at Amazon, serving as president of Asians@Amazon and leading product for subscription services since 2018.

The Untold Truth of Motherhood
Despite her success in the military and tech industry, Foley felt overwhelmed after the birth of her second child. “With motherhood, the media, movies, everything out there says it’s a rosy, beautiful thing — which it is — but our society doesn’t talk about the messiness of motherhood and parenthood,” Foley emphasized. This experience ignited her entrepreneurial spirit, leading her to create Yuzi, a wellness startup focused on supporting families during the challenging postpartum period.

Addressing the Gaps in Postpartum Care
The U.S. healthcare system often overlooks the needs of new mothers, contributing to a concerning rise in maternal death rates. Yuzi aims to bridge this gap by launching a post-delivery retreat offering meals, specialized support, and a healing environment. Scheduled to debut in May, the retreats will incorporate an innovative app to coordinate resources and provide ongoing support.

The Yuzi Vision: A Community for New Parents
Named after the Chinese practice “zuo yuezi,” meaning “sitting the month,” Yuzi aspires to be more than just a service provider—it aims to build a community. The startup’s ultimate goal is to create a platform that offers reliable information and fosters connections among new parents.

Luxury Comes at a Cost
While Yuzi’s offerings are comprehensive, they come with a luxury price tag ranging from $899 to $1,199 per night, including a five-night minimum stay. Despite the cost, Foley sees this as a starting point, envisioning broader accessibility in the future.

Advocacy and Expansion
Recognizing the systemic challenges facing new mothers, Foley emphasizes the need for legislative changes and employer support to reach all new moms in America. Yuzi’s participation in programs like the Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA) and partnerships with organizations like Bunker Labs further highlight its potential for growth and impact.

Meet the Team
Foley’s vision is supported by a dedicated team, including her husband Harper Foley, co-founder and CTO; Michelle Homan, COO; and Dr. Tiffany Chen, Chief Wellness Officer.

Yuzi represents a transformative approach to postpartum care, driven by Foley’s personal experience and a commitment to improving outcomes for new mothers. As the startup continues to grow, it holds the promise of reshaping how society supports families during one of life’s most challenging yet rewarding transitions.



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by Paul Britton

Full-time CBG author covering everything from business to wellbeing news, in Cyprus. and abroad.


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