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Google-Backed Accelerator Set to Boost Gaming and Tech Startups in Cyprus

Google-Backed LVLUP Accelerator to Boost Cyprus Gaming Startups

Cyprus is set to witness a significant boost in its gaming industry with the launch of the LVLUP Accelerator, a dedicated program aimed at supporting gaming companies in the country. Spearheaded by Google for Startups, NVO Lab, and GameDev Cyprus (GDCy), this initiative promises to elevate the growth prospects of Cypriot gaming studios and startups while also attracting new companies to the region.

Strategic Support for Cyprus Gaming

An announcement released by the Cypriot Ministry of Finance outlines the strategic objectives of the LVLUP Accelerator program. It aims to provide comprehensive support to emerging gaming ventures, facilitating their expansion and fostering a conducive ecosystem for gaming innovation in Cyprus. Participating companies will benefit from a range of valuable assistance, including guidance for business development, access to an extensive international network of gaming experts and consultants, and support for fundraising efforts.

Key Partnerships Driving Success

The success of the LVLUP Accelerator hinges on strategic partnerships with industry leaders. The Games Fund, GEM Capital, and Green Grey are among the key partners leveraging their expertise in the gaming sector to support program participants. Additionally, the CYENS Centre of Excellence will oversee the segment focused on augmented reality, virtual reality, and extended reality, enriching the educational aspect of the program.

Comprehensive Learning Opportunities

Throughout the program’s duration, selected teams will engage in online sessions and workshops with industry experts. Collaborative efforts with consultants from renowned gaming companies, publishers, and investment programs will further enhance participants’ learning experiences. While a majority of the program will be conducted online, scheduled in-person events in Cyprus will facilitate networking and collaboration among participants.

Call for Participation

Applications for participation in the LVLUP Accelerator program are currently being accepted until February 29, 2024. The program is scheduled to run from March to May, culminating in the LVLUP Accelerator Demo Day on May 31, hosted at the GDCy festival.

Industry Voices on the Initiative

Vladislav Zdorenko, Managing Partner of NVO Capital and Founder of NVO lab, expressed enthusiasm for extending support to Cyprus’ gaming companies, emphasizing the region’s potential for growth in the entertainment sector.
Tim Fadeev, Founder of GameDev Cyprus, reiterated the commitment to advancing the gaming industry’s growth trajectory in Cyprus through initiatives like the LVLUP Accelerator.
Mariusz Gasiewski, CEE Mobile Gaming and Apps Lead at Google, affirmed Google’s dedication to supporting ambitious gaming companies and fostering collaboration for industry growth.
Ilya Eremeev, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of The Games Fund, underscored Cyprus’ emerging status as a hub for gaming development and emphasized its significance for The Games Fund’s operations.

Google for Startups: A Catalyst for Innovation

It’s worth noting that Google for Startups, which launched in 2011, has been instrumental in nurturing entrepreneurial ecosystems worldwide. With more than 50 co-working spaces and accelerators in 125 countries, Google for Startups offers hands-on lessons and support for aspiring entrepreneurs, further underscoring its commitment to fostering innovation and growth.


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