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Green Motion Car Rental Resulted in a £2,600 Fee

An Unpleasant Journey: Green Motion’s Volkswagen Golf Incident
In a recent mishap with Green Motion, a customer detailed their harrowing experience: “In August we hired a Volkswagen Golf from the Edgware Road branch of Green Motion and, with our two very young children in the back, set off for Newcastle.” Their journey, however, was short-lived. After a mere five miles, the engine warning light illuminated.

The customer promptly contacted Green Motion, leading to a rendezvous with an AA patrol worker. Upon inspection, the AA diagnosed the issue as a clutch malfunction. Attempts to rectify the problem at a nearby VW garage in Letchworth proved futile, halting the family’s journey and leaving them stranded.

A Costly Detour: Financial Implications and Customer Discontent
The ordeal didn’t end there. Faced with an uncooperative Green Motion and a hefty charge, the aggrieved customer lamented: “Rather than refund us the £260 the car rental had cost, and apologise for providing us with a damaged car, Green Motion has blamed me for the failure of the clutch and applied a charge of more than £2,600 to my credit card to pay for a replacement”. A subsequent four-month tussle ensued, seeking reparation.

While the AA report cast doubt on Green Motion’s claims, noting the improbability of the fault developing mid-journey, Green Motion persisted in their stance, causing further aggravation to the customer.

Green Motion’s Tumultuous Past: A History of Complaints
This incident isn’t an isolated case. In the fiscal years 2017-18, Green Motion’s car hire business faced a barrage of complaints, primarily concerning exorbitant charges for minor damages. The escalating grievances reached a tipping point when Holiday Autos, in response to a “flood of complaints,” delisted Green Motion from its offerings.

However, in a bid to salvage its reputation, Green Motion took corrective measures. Employing a PR firm and revising its damage charging protocols led to a decline in complaints. Yet, recent reports indicate a resurgence in customer dissatisfaction, as exemplified by the aforementioned incident.

Remedial Measures and Ongoing Concerns
In light of the recent controversy, Green Motion UK extended an olive branch: “Green Motion UK will not only waive the repair charge, but will offer SM the opportunity to hire from Green Motion here in the UK, free of charge, to go some way to reinstating his confidence in our brand”. While the financial restitution was welcomed, the affected party remained steadfast in their pursuit of the lost £360 and expressed skepticism about availing the complimentary rental.

For potential Green Motion renters, cautionary tales abound. Notably, car hire excess insurer, ReduceMyExcess, has excluded claims stemming from Green Motion rentals for several years, singling it out from other hire car companies. Additionally, for first-time renters, meticulous documentation of the vehicle’s condition pre and post-hire remains paramount to circumvent potential disputes.


  1. Green Motion Car Rental Controversy: A Deep Dive

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