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Helipad-Enabled Chalet Overlooking the Matterhorn Listed for €24M

The Peak of Opulence: A Ski Chalet Unlike Any Other
Nestled amidst the majestic Italian Alps, a lavish ski chalet has emerged as a beacon of luxury. Priced at €24m (£21m), this property is not just a home; it’s an experience. Boasting unparalleled views of the iconic Matterhorn and equipped with an array of opulent amenities, it stands as the region’s most sought-after listing.

Historic Grandeur Meets Modern Luxury
Perched 100 meters above the quaint village of Cervinia, just a stone’s throw away from the Swiss border, this 13,000 sq ft marvel is a blend of historic charm and contemporary elegance. Its stone exterior, reminiscent of the 1930s, speaks of a rich legacy, having once been a favored retreat for the Italian royal family.

The chalet, aptly named Chalet La Fenice – translating to ‘The Phoenix’ in Italian, has been meticulously renovated over five years. Every inch of its six sprawling floors reflects luxury, from seven sumptuously designed en suite bedrooms, some with their private balconies, to state-of-the-art facilities like a gym, private cinema, and a wine cellar.

Behind the Scenes: A Visionary Renovation
John Harrison, the visionary behind this transformation and a former partner at Amplitude Capital, acquired the property in 2015. Captivated by its potential during a ski trip, Harrison embarked on a journey to redefine luxury. Collaborating with a renowned Italian architect specializing in high-altitude luxury homes, they undertook extensive renovations. Notably, a team, escorted by police from Turin, skillfully carved into the mountain, creating an extraordinary basement featuring a 10-meter indoor pool. This aquatic masterpiece is complemented by a Turkish bath and exclusive treatment rooms, offering guests a rejuvenating experience amidst nature’s splendor.

An Exclusive Experience: A Hotspot for Elite Travellers
Since its completion in 2021, Chalet La Fenice has garnered significant attention. Harrison revealed to Bloomberg that numerous offers have poured in. Yet, he has predominantly rented it to discerning holidaymakers, eager to partake in a unique experience. With prices soaring up to €65,000 for a six-night sojourn, guests are granted access not only to the enchanting village of Cervinia but also enjoy seamless connectivity to Switzerland’s famed ski haven, Zermatt.

In Conclusion: A Timeless Retreat
As the curtains rise on Chalet La Fenice, one thing becomes clear: it’s more than just a property. It’s a testament to vision, luxury, and the timeless allure of the Italian Alps.

by Paul Britton

Full-time CBG author covering everything from business to wellbeing news, in Cyprus. and abroad.


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