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Breaking Boundaries: Teen Entrepreneur Strikes Deal on ABC’s “Shark Tank”

The age-old belief that entrepreneurship is reserved for adults is shattered by the remarkable journey of Nathaniel Wellen, a 15-year-old visionary who captured the attention of investors on a recent episode of ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank”. Wellen, hailing from Los Angeles, introduced his brainchild, The Duo, a groundbreaking umbrella with a unique extendable handle designed to accommodate individuals of varying heights.

The Genesis of Innovation

Inspiration struck Wellen at the tender age of 8, leading to the inception of The Duo. Collaborating with his father, he embarked on a journey to materialize his idea, culminating in the development and patenting of the innovative umbrella design.

A Bold Pitch

Facing the seasoned investor panel, Wellen sought a $100,000 investment in exchange for a 10% stake in his nascent company, which was in the pre-revenue phase with only prototypes to showcase.

Recognition and Encouragement

The judges, including prominent figures like Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban, lauded Wellen’s entrepreneurial spirit, with Greiner acknowledging the potential of The Duo as a compact yet impactful product, while Cuban commended Wellen as an inspiration for aspiring young entrepreneurs.

Navigating Partnerships

Wellen revealed a strategic partnership with Shed Rain, a renowned weather accessories brand, owning 49% of The Duo. This alliance aimed at leveraging Shed Rain’s expertise for manufacturing, distribution, and retail placement in major outlets like Target, Walmart, Kroger, and Costco.

Challenges and Resilience

While the judges acknowledged Wellen’s achievement in securing a partnership, concerns arose regarding equity dilution and Wellen’s age. Investor Kevin O’Leary expressed reservations about Wellen’s availability due to schooling, highlighting a potential communication hurdle.

Seizing Opportunity

Amidst the skepticism, investor Robert Herjavec recognized the potential for a lucrative exit strategy through The Duo’s partnership with Shed Rain. Proposing a $100,000 investment for a 20% stake, Herjavec’s offer marked a pivotal moment in Wellen’s entrepreneurial journey.

Sealing the Deal

Negotiations ensued, with Wellen ultimately agreeing to a deal with Herjavec for an 18% stake in exchange for the desired investment amount.

Words of Wisdom

Departing the Shark Tank stage, Wellen left behind a message of perseverance and ambition for budding entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of resilience and determination in the pursuit of one’s dreams.


Nathaniel Wellen’s triumphant journey on “Shark Tank” serves as a testament to the boundless potential of youth in the realm of entrepreneurship. His success story not only defies age stereotypes but also inspires a new generation of innovators to dare, dream, and disrupt.


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