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New iPhone Feature for Safeguarding Your Money

Safeguard Your iPhone and Finances with Apple’s Stolen Device Protection

Losing your phone is distressing, but the added fear of someone exploiting your sensitive information can turn it into a nightmare. Apple has introduced a new feature, Stolen Device Protection, with the iOS 17.3 update, aiming to mitigate such risks. In this article, we explore how this feature enhances security and the steps to activate it.


The need for enhanced security became apparent after a Wall Street Journal investigation exposed the vulnerability of iPhone users to thieves. Exploiting passcodes and unlocking phones, thieves could disable vital security features like Activation Lock and Lost Mode, gaining control over sensitive information, including banking and payment apps.

What is Stolen Device Protection?

Stolen Device Protection adds an extra layer of security when your iPhone is in an unfamiliar location. This feature addresses the loophole where thieves could manipulate your passcode or Face ID to gain unauthorized access. With iOS 17.3, Apple aims to restrict a thief’s ability to make security changes and prevent remote measures like activating Lost Mode.

How It Works

1. Enhanced Security Layers

Activating Stolen Device Protection requires additional verification for certain actions, such as accessing passwords or payment information. Face ID or Touch ID becomes mandatory, offering increased protection beyond a passcode.

2.Security Delay Feature

For actions like changing your Apple ID password, a security delay feature comes into play. This prompts the user to re-verify the change with Face ID or Touch ID an hour after the initial request, preventing immediate unauthorized alterations.

3. Context-Aware Activation

Stolen Device Protection considers your phone’s location. In familiar places like home or workplace, the additional security steps are not enforced, ensuring a seamless experience for the user.

Android Alternatives

While iPhone users can benefit from Stolen Device Protection, Android users can activate their device’s anti-theft feature. This requires users to input their Google ID and password to reset the device, with additional security measures for unlocking apps.

Activating Stolen Device Protection

To enable Stolen Device Protection on your iPhone:

1. Go to Face ID & Passcode.
2. Enter your passcode.
3. Tap “turn on Stolen Device Protection.”

To deactivate, follow the same steps. However, in unfamiliar locations, a security delay feature will require identity re-verification an hour later.


Stolen Device Protection is a crucial update for iPhone users, providing an effective defense against unauthorized access to sensitive information. By understanding how it works and promptly activating it, you can significantly enhance the security of your device and financial assets. Remember to turn off the feature before selling, giving away, or trading in your iPhone, as recommended by Apple. Stay informed, stay secure.


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