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Plex, streaming media giant, secures $40M in funding

Plex Secures $40M in New Capital to Propel Profitability

In a recent development, media streaming company Plex has successfully raised $40 million in a new funding round, signaling a significant milestone in its journey towards financial sustainability. Originating as a media organization startup, Plex has evolved over the years into a comprehensive platform catering to diverse media needs, including ad-supported streaming, which now contributes substantially to its revenue growth.

Funding Round Details

Plex CEO Keith Valory confirmed the completion of the funding round earlier this month, emphasizing its significance in advancing the company’s pursuit of profitability. While the exact valuation post-funding remains undisclosed, Valory expressed confidence in Plex’s unique position, describing the company’s supportive investor base as a key asset.

The $40 million funding round, categorized as Plex’s Series C-3, includes participation from existing Series C investors, with Intercap and Kleiner Perkins leading the way. Specific details about the round’s size will be disclosed through securities filings in the near future.

“We have the most supportive investors of any,” Valory stated. “I feel like funding has never been a concern of ours,” he added, underscoring the company’s robust financial backing.

Evolution of Plex’s Core Product

Over the years, Plex has undergone significant transformations, shifting from a consumer-centric software platform for organizing home media collections to a multifaceted platform. Users can now enjoy free, ad-supported shows and movies, listen to music, stream live TV channels, and more. Plex has also ventured into social features, allowing users to share their viewing habits with friends.

Looking ahead, Plex aims to enhance community engagement through public pages, offering content owners a more substantial role in conversations around their content. Additionally, Plex plans to launch a TVOD (Transactional Video on Demand) marketplace, providing users with the option to rent shows and movies from top studios.

Ad-Supported Streaming Fuels Growth

Despite challenges posed by market downturns leading to layoffs, Plex experienced significant growth in 2023. Ad revenue surged by nearly 45%, contributing to an overall business growth of 30%. Plex remains on track to achieve profitability by the end of 2024 or early the following year, according to Valory.

“We’re a leader in this market. And we’re in, at least, the top five if not higher in this space, and we feel like we’re doing really, really well,” Valory asserted.

Future Business Initiatives

Plex’s ability to track users’ media discovery behavior and consumption across platforms positions the company uniquely in terms of data insights. Valory highlighted the company’s focus on monetizing this data in a privacy-friendly manner, marking a significant opportunity for growth in the coming years.

“One of the things we’ve already started to prove in 2023 is that we can absolutely monetize some of that data…in a very privacy-friendly way. There’s no personally identifiable information being used,” Valory explained. As the company enters 2024, it plans to amplify efforts in this direction, with the potential to outpace the current business growth rate in the next two to three years.


Plex’s successful funding round and strategic initiatives position the company as a dynamic player in the ever-evolving media streaming landscape. With a focus on profitability, community engagement, and innovative features, Plex is set to continue its trajectory as a leader in the industry.


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