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Pokemon Company Announces Plans to Probe into Palworld

Pokémon Company Initiates Investigation into Palworld: Intellectual Property Concerns Arise

In a recent announcement, The Pokémon Company has officially stated its intent to investigate Palworld, a viral new game developed by Pocketpair. The company clarified that it has not granted any permission to Pocketpair or any other entity to use Pokémon intellectual property or assets. The statement, released on Thursday, underscores the Pokémon Company’s commitment to protecting its brand and takes a stand against potential infringements.

Palworld’s Meteoric Rise and Pokémon’s First Acknowledgment

Palworld, the fast-growing survival game developed by Pocketpair, has garnered significant attention by selling over 8 million copies in less than six days. This remarkable success places Palworld ahead of even some of the most popular AAA titles in terms of sales. The Pokémon Company’s recent statement marks its first official acknowledgment of Palworld’s existence, bringing the controversy surrounding the game into the spotlight.

Palworld’s Unique Blend and Growing Controversy

While Palworld’s fusion of monster collecting, automation, and survival/crafting mechanics has resonated positively with players, it has also attracted controversy. Critics and fans of Japan’s legendary Pokémon franchise have raised concerns over perceived plagiarism and an uncanny resemblance to Pokémon. TechCrunch has previously reported on the growing number of fans expressing these concerns, making it clear that Palworld’s success comes with a fair share of skepticism.

Palworld’s Appeal: A Modern Take on Monster Taming

Palworld, available on PCs via Steam and on Xbox, taps into the pent-up demand for a modern take on the monster taming genre. While Pokémon arguably created this genre, it has faced challenges in evolving significantly. Whether driven by genuine interest in a fresh approach to the genre or a desire to voice dissatisfaction with the perceived stagnation of Pokémon games, players have flocked to Palworld.

Pocketpair Responds to Accusations

Pocketpair, the developer behind Palworld, has insisted that its game bears more resemblance to titles like Ark Survival than to Pokémon. Takuro Mizobe, Pocketpair’s chief executive, raised concerns earlier this week about receiving slanderous comments and apparent “death threats” via social media. The company stands by its position, emphasizing the differences between Palworld and Pokémon.

Pokémon Company’s Pledge to Protect Intellectual Property

The Pokémon Company’s statement on its website reiterates its commitment to investigating and addressing any acts that infringe on Pokémon’s intellectual property rights. The company expresses its dedication to cherishing and nurturing the Pokémon brand and its world. As Pokémon enthusiasts await further developments, the controversy surrounding Palworld continues to unfold.


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