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Primary Site of Berlin’s Startup Hub Factory Set to Shut Down

Berlin’s Startup Hub Factory Faces Closure of Main Location

In a recent development shaking up Berlin’s startup ecosystem, Factory, the renowned startup campus, is set to close its largest location in the city come April. This move comes as a surprise to the 4,500 members and 150 startups that call Factory their home.

Background: Factory’s Role in Berlin’s Startup Scene

Since its inception in 2018, Factory has played a pivotal role in fostering innovation and collaboration within Berlin’s vibrant startup community. With offerings ranging from office and coworking spaces to tailored startup programs and events, Factory has been instrumental in nurturing the growth of numerous startups. Beyond Berlin, Factory extended its reach with a campus in Hamburg, inaugurated in 2021.

Closure Announcement: The End of an Era

In a recent communication sent to its members, Factory disclosed the imminent closure of its main location at Görlitzer Park, spanning an impressive 150,000 square feet. The closure stems from the non-renewal of its lease agreement.

Factory’s CEO, Zino Soyka, expressed hopes that members would seamlessly transition to its other Berlin location in Mitte, currently undergoing significant renovations. Soyka shed light on the challenges faced in informing tenants promptly, citing prolonged and confidential negotiations with the building owners spanning over six months.

Transitioning to a New Chapter: The Mitte Campus Revamp

Amidst the closure, Factory’s original Berlin campus in Mitte, closed to members for the past year, has reopened its doors at the beginning of this month. However, with a limited capacity of accommodating only 200 members presently, it is poised to expand to host 500 members post-renovation.

Soyka outlined the vision for the revamped Mitte site, emphasizing a shift towards a clubhouse design concept. This redesign aims to provide members with a multifaceted space for work, networking, and leisure. Anticipated additions include a new restaurant and an after-hours bar, fostering a dynamic environment conducive to collaboration and community building.

Navigating the Transition: Membership Discounts Offered

Recognizing the disruption caused by the closure, Factory is extending a helping hand to its existing members. A 50% discount on memberships will be offered between April and August, aiming to facilitate a smooth transition back to the Mitte location.

Conclusion: A New Chapter Unfolds

As Factory bids farewell to its iconic Görlitzer Park location, it marks the beginning of a new chapter for Berlin’s startup landscape. Despite the challenges posed by the closure, the resilience and adaptability demonstrated by Factory underscore its commitment to supporting the growth and success of the entrepreneurial community in Berlin and beyond.


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