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Discover a cozy, traditional 45 m2 multi-space with a unique twist! Immerse yourself in a setting that offers exceptional service, fosters creativity, encourages relaxation and… read more below

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About Business & Wellness

A cozy, traditional 45 m2 multi-space with a twist! Experience exceptional service, creativity, relaxation, teamwork, and absolute privacy— all at an unbeatable price.

Business & Wellness is a Cozy, Aesthetic Rental Space that introduces an alternative perspective, on the current need for workspaces.

All the necessary amenities are provided, along with excellent service, to host small group meetings, workshops, events, podcasts, exhibitions, and more! Going against the flow of overpriced casual services and products, B&W combines carefully designed services with an excellent value-for-money proposition.

Escape the corporate environment with your team, find inspiration, relax, and bond while setting new goals! Our unique, preserved lounge in the heart of Nicosia Old Town is ideal for any business, group, or individual seeking a unique private space to get inspired, bond with the team, host exclusive events, or shoot a podcast promoting their business or brand name.