CyprusInno is a nonprofit organization, social startup venture, and think tank led by two young Greek- and Turkish-Cypriots who use entrepreneurship as a peace-building mechanism to bring opposing communities together on the divided island of Cyprus, and who have overcome historical and geographical…




Markou Drakou 23, Nicosia

… divisions to create a platform fostering innovation, business, and peace. Founded in Nicosia, Cyprus in late 2016, CyprusInno’s mission is to provide tools for all Cypriot entrepreneurs island-wide to help them connect, network, collaborate, and exchange knowledge to lead the social and economic growth of Cyprus.  Its vision is to replicate the model it has proven in Cyprus in conflict regions around the world, beginning with the greater Middle East.

CyprusInno began with the launch of its online platform, which is the first and still the largest bi-zonal, inter-communal digital platform connecting Cypriot entrepreneurs, startups, and innovators.  At its core, CyprusInno is an online platform offering Cypriot entrepreneurs and problem-solvers the chance to connect with like-minded innovators. Users can register and create a profile, submit startups, events, jobs, or even articles. CyprusInno also features the largest database of startups in Cyprus and is the first to map from both north and south, presenting a united Cyprus through entrepreneurship. We also created a startup jobs board (part of an effort to battle high unemployment among youth) and a curated calendar of island-wide business events. CyprusInno’s blog shares success stories, the latest news from Cyprus’ startup ecosystem, and global opportunities for entrepreneurs. CyprusInno’s weekly newsletter is distributed to subscribers/members with the latest Cyprus startup news, featured startups, new jobs, articles, and new opportunities. We also run our own digital projects, such as a visual series using infographics to show the economic benefits of a united Cyprus, which had a reach of over 30,000 people.  Since the launch of the digital platform, we have grown to an online community of nearly 2,000 from both the north and south, mapped 185+ startups (north and south), posted 150+ startup jobs and 360+ business events, and grown a social media following of 20,000+.