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Farah’s Club


Establish a community dedicated to guiding you towards a more fulfilling, healthier path. It aims to enhance your overall well-being, offering resources for better energy through natural vitamins and minerals.

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1 free plant-based nutrition coaching session (worth €200)


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About Farah’s Club

A person with their health has a thousand dreams, a person without their health has just one – to get it back’ – Indian Proverb

This is a community created to support you to find a happier and healthier journey, one which will bring out your best and give you tools to use in your every day life to increase your energy, with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, vitality, sleep quality and mindset guidance, all ensuring your live life to your best potential.

If you are wonderful why your don’t always feel at your best, and want to embrace healthier food and a lifestyle that will ensure you wake up every morning feeling empowered and ready to take on the world, then this club is for you.

With weekly lifestyle and mindset tips, original homemade and simple recipes, industry leader interviews, monthly themed zooms to support healthy mindsets, discounts on an array of platforms and industries such as vegetables and food, sustainable clothes, yoga and more, joining this club will pay for itself.

What do you get?

  • Your Vegan eBook; As soon as you join Farah’s Club you’ll receive your free ebook with vegan recipes and tips emailed straight to your inbox
  • Weekly Emails; Every week you’ll receive one of Farah’s unique recipes and a healthy lifestyle tips and fun facts emailed to you
  • Monthly Getogethers; Every month, we’ll meet either on Zoom or in person at events such as live talks or teas/dinners, to connect and support you while sharing experiences as a community
  • Monthly Video Audios; Every month, you will receive video audios with famous experts on different interesting topics
  • Coaching Sessions; Limited private coaching sessions packages start from €800 for one month and include weekly live, zoom or telephone meetings, unlimited whatsapp/email access, recipe guides, tools and support for you to achieve your goals. Book here your package! https://farahs.samcart.com/products/farahs-club-coaching-package
  • Discounts & bonuses; Nothing beats getting together in person, to learn, to explore, to share, to connect. As a Farah’s Club member you’ll enjoy special pricing for live events in Cyprus and maybe abroad.

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Book your free 30 minute consultation to see if we are the right fit to work together and which private coaching session and packages would be best for you > here