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Why choose print advertising? Just because we live more of our lives online, it doesn’t mean print has lost its place in the advertising world. Never underestimate the power of print advertising and remember the best marketing plans achieve the most when print and online advertising work alongside each other.

With print advertising, people are choosing to pick up the magazine and read it, so you have already got their attention.

With online advertising, people often swipe to remove ads before even reading them, so you don’t know if your message is being delivered.

  • People are 70% more likely to remember businesses seen in print compared to online
  • 61% of customers trust adverts in magazines compared to just 42% who trust online adverts
  • Advertising in print makes online advertising four times more effective

Using a combination of print and online advertising is ultimately the best way to advertise your business so that you reach a wider audience and engage the right type of people across different platforms who are more likely to buy from you.