VP Capital


VP Capital is a global investment vehicle focused on the technology sector.VP Capital is the principal investment firm of IT entrepreneur and businessman Viktor Prokopenya. Viktor founded VP Capital following the sale of his successful business Viaden Media in 2012, to Playtech, the gaming software company.








    London, England, United Kingdom

    The areas of technology where VP Capital focuses its active investments โ€“ artificial intelligence, augmented reality, computer vision, fintech and blockchain โ€“ require a combination of very specific and rare skills as well as a lot of processing power.

    A highly specialised and innovative technology space, it has high growth potential.

    Since 2012, VP Capital has backed cutting-edge technology companies working with founders to develop and build powerful technologies and great products.

    As an investor, VP Capital is highly active in each business it supports, taking a board position to ensure it maintains a hands-on approach in order to super-charge growth, valuations, scale and sales.

    VP Capital is focused on growing its current investments and innovative technology projects, and always open to spotting the next new technology trend and business opportunity.