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Temporary Halt on Apple Watch Import Restrictions

Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2: Back in Stores
In a recent update, Apple has announced the re-release of its Watch Series 9 and Watch Ultra 2 models. The watches are now available for purchase at Apple’s physical locations, with online sales set to commence by 12pm PT tomorrow. According to Apple’s official statement, they are “thrilled to return the full Apple Watch lineup to customers in time for the new year,” highlighting the inclusion of the blood oxygen feature in these models.

Legal Developments: U.S. Court of Appeals’ Response
The legal saga surrounding Apple’s wearable tech took a new turn as the U.S. Court of Appeals hinted at a potential hearing for Apple’s appeal by January 15. Apple’s recent emergency request led to a temporary pause in the import ban, offering a glimmer of hope for the tech giant.

The Dispute at Hand: Trademarks and Tech
At the heart of this dispute is a claim by Southern California’s Masimo, alleging that Apple violated its trademarks related to the pulse oximetry sensor. Masimo further accused Apple of recruiting its employees to develop the very blood oxygen sensor, which made its debut in the Watch Series 6 in 2020. Apple, however, remains firm in its stance, refuting any infringement allegations.

Masimo vs. Apple: A Perspective
Founder and CEO of Masimo, Joe Kiani, portrayed the legal battle as a classic David-versus-Goliath scenario. He emphasized, “Today’s ruling by the USITC sends a powerful message that even the world’s largest company is not above the law. While Masimo has hinted at potential licensing discussions with Apple, the tech giant seems more inclined to pursue legal remedies.

Final Thoughts
As the tech world watches these developments unfold, the future of the Apple Watch Series 9 and Watch Ultra 2 remains uncertain. While legal battles ensue, consumers eagerly await the resolution, hoping for uninterrupted access to Apple’s latest wearable innovations.



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  4. Joe Kiani’s perspective on the Masimo vs. Apple legal battle.


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