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The Success Story of Successful Business Magazine

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On the 7th December, Cyprus Business Group (CBG) held its first-ever, in-person networking event, greeting over a hundred professionals/business owners to the St Raphael Resort, five-star luxury hotel in Limassol. It was incredible, thanks to an incredible MC, incredible speakers, and incredible support. And, one form of support came from Sucessful Business Magazine. They were kind enough to write an article covering our (then) upcoming event, even going so far as to share it on their social media (LinkedIn) channels. Their team was incredibly accomodating and supportive, and we could not be more grateful – Thank you Lusine at Successful Business Magazine for everything!

On the night of the big event, printed issues of Successful Business Magazine were made available to attendees (read online here), and the feedback has been resoundingly positive; “high-quality design/print”, “in-depth analysis of the Cyprus economy that is helpful for business growth”, and more. It’s no surprise that a majority of CBG members were eager to take copies home with them.

Given our incredible experience working with Successful Business Magazine, we wanted to share their story.

The Success Story of Successful Business Magazine

In the dynamic realm of business, information is key, and staying ahead of the curve is a skill mastered by Successful Business Magazine. Established as the oldest Russian-language business magazine in Cyprus, this publication has carved a niche for itself, becoming a beacon of quality business news and analytics for the Russian-speaking business community.

A Trusted Source for the Russian-Speaking Professionals

Successful Business Magazine caters to a diverse readership, with targeted issues in April, July, and October for Russian-speaking professionals residing in Cyprus or collaborating with Cypriot businesses from abroad. The January edition, however, casts a wider net, addressing all business enthusiasts connected to Cyprus. This strategic approach ensures that the magazine serves as a bridge between the local business landscape and the global Russian-speaking community.

Wide Distribution and Circulation

With a quarterly circulation of 2000 copies, each edition of the magazine is distributed in A4 glossy format, reaching over 1,000 Russian business leaders and international enterprises. Additionally, 300 copies find their way into bookshops and newsstands, while every participant of business events organized by VKCyprus Group is presented with a complimentary copy. Successful Business Magazine extends its reach as a media partner in various business events.

Dynamic Online Presence

Complementing its print counterpart, the magazine’s website stands as the only platform in Russian language dedicated to Cyprus business news. Boasting an impressive average yearly data set, with 61,000 page views, 300–600 visits a day, and 12,000 users per month, the online platform offers a comprehensive array of updates, statistics, analytics, and articles covering European and Mediterranean business activities.

Newsletter, Advertising, and Promotion

The magazine’s reach extends further with its newsletter, sent to 2,000 Russian-speaking subscribers, offering diverse advertising and promotional options, including banner placements, press releases, articles, and interviews. Successful Business Magazine is not just a publication; it’s a platform for businesses to elevate their visibility and connect with a targeted audience.

Building Connections: Successful Business Leaders’ Club

Initiated by Natalia Kardash, the publisher of Successful Business Magazine, the Leaders’ Club is a testament to her commitment to fostering international collaboration. With 760 members across various departments, including a private LinkedIn group, an online club, and an Economic Diplomacy Council, the club promotes networking and information exchange among professionals.

Expanding the Business Network on LinkedIn and Beyond

The Cyprus Business Network on LinkedIn, with its “by invitation only” membership, boasts over 760 members from 32 countries, strategically curated by Ms. Kardash. The Online Business Club further enriches the experience for CEOs, founders, and shareholders, offering at least 20 online activities annually and an offline event in Cyprus.

Economic Diplomacy Council: Where Visionaries Unite

Exclusive to owners, founders, chairpersons, and CEOs of internationally oriented businesses, the Economic Diplomacy Council emphasizes in-person events for meaningful interactions. With groups ranging from 6-8 people for casual gatherings to up to 15 attendees for thematic meetings, the council ensures that every member meets their peers at least once a year.

In conclusion, Successful Business Magazine is more than just a publication; it’s a dynamic hub that brings together professionals, facilitates knowledge exchange, and cultivates meaningful connections. Through its print, online, and networking initiatives, the magazine stands tall as a pillar of success for the Russian-speaking business community in Cyprus and beyond.


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