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Widespread Disruption in HSBC Mobile Banking Affects Thousands in the UK

Mobile Banking Issues Affect Thousands of HSBC Customers in the UK, Prompting Urgent Investigation

Numerous HSBC customers in the UK are reporting difficulties accessing mobile banking services. Downdetector, a website tracking service, has recorded over 4,100 complaints regarding the malfunctioning of the banking app on users’ devices.

This disruption is particularly concerning as it coincides with Black Friday, a day when many people engage in heightened purchasing activity to take advantage of discounts offered by retailers. HSBC has acknowledged the issue and is treating it as a matter of urgency.

First Direct, a division of HSBC UK, has also experienced customer reports of being affected, although some users claim continued functionality of the app. HSBC UK has a customer base of approximately 14.8 million across the country, and while the number of mobile banking users is unknown, the scale of the issue is significant.

Earlier, the company had announced plans to close 114 branches in the UK in 2023, attributing the decision to the growing trend of customers adopting online banking.

Frustrated customers took to social media platforms, including X (formerly Twitter), to express their grievances. Some users reported difficulties verifying payments for Black Friday purchases or settling bills on payday, leading to widespread dissatisfaction.

The lack of communication from HSBC UK regarding the issue has exacerbated customer frustration. Complaints include the absence of updates on the bank’s service status page, which is supposed to provide information about the availability of digital services such as online, mobile, and phone banking. The service status page initially claimed that all services were “operating normally.”

The problem extends beyond mobile banking, affecting users’ ability to access online banking, as a code displayed on the app is required for authentication. This further impedes customers from moving money between accounts for online purchases or verifying transactions.

Reports of the outage surfaced at 07:00 GMT on Friday, according to Downdetector, with a significant increase in complaints by 08:00. The exact number of affected individuals remains uncertain, as users need a reason to check their online banking app to determine if it is functional.

by Paul Britton

Full-time CBG author covering everything from business to wellbeing news, in Cyprus. and abroad.


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